Follow Your intuition - tarot masterclass
"Harness The ancient power of the Tarot To unlock your intuition, develop inner guidance for your personal & professional relationships, and manifest Your Optimum Life."

A Beginner's Guide That Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know To Be Able To Interpret The Powerful & Ancient Wisdom Of The Tarot. 

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Join Award Winning Filmmaker & Intuitive Tarot Reader, Ebony Wilson, For 4-Weeks of Intensive Training Through Facebook Live.
Tarot Intuitive & Clairvoyant Reader, Ebony Wilson, will be hosting an exclusive live training for those who are simply curious or feel they have a calling to be able to hewn their intuition, look clearly into the future "beyond the veil", apply practical divination to your work, projects and business, and even do the same for others. This easy, down-to-earth approach will have you mastering the Tarot sooner than you think.




In this session, you will learn solid foundations and key principles for working with the Tarot.  "Why?" is one of the biggest questions we ask, and the approaches we will be working with will show you why the Tarot is one of the most powerful tools for insight and personal transformation...even the specific use of questions.
  • The History of the Tarot
  • How Does It Work?
  • My Favorite Decks To Use
  • ​Simple Rules For Effective Tarot Reading
  • ​How To Approach and Cleanse Your Space
  • ​Tarot Diary
  • Your Responsibility as a Tarot Reader:  Ethics & Transparency

Monday,  November 1st

2pm - 4pm
(Eastern Time)

1pm - 3pm
(Central Time)

11am - 1pm
(Pacific Time)



Take a trip down The Fool's journey and discover the 22 Major Arcana cards, what insights they can give, and how to make them relevant to yourself, your work, your creative endeavors, and the clients you work with. Learn their history and the important questions they ask about our life and how you can remember their meanings easily and effortlessly.
  • The Development of the Major Arcana
  • ​The Modality Approach to Learning
  • ​​Developing Your Intuition (Part 1)
  • One-Card Readings - Let's Test Your Intuition!
  • Complete ​Practice Session

Monday,  November 8th

2pm - 4pm
(Eastern Time)

1pm - 3pm
(Central Time)

11am - 1pm
(Pacific Time)



The Minor Arcana adds "subtext", subtlety, texture and accuracy to your readings. In this module you will learn how to interpret them in your readings to give real depth to the message you are trying to convey.
  • The History of the Minor Arcana and Do We Need Them?
  • Developing Your Intuition (Part 2)
  • ​​The Who of the Minor Arcana - Pages, Knights, Queens, Kings and their relevance!
  • Reversed Card Meanings
  • ​Tips to Help Connect Your Mind and the Language of the Tarot - easy numerology and imagery!
  • Complete ​Practice Session

Monday,  November 15th

2pm - 4pm
(Eastern Time)

1pm - 3pm
(Central Time)

11am - 1pm
(Pacific Time)



The one secret that will simplify your readings and make them much more powerful.  This is the real secret that is guaranteed to make you a highly gifted and in demand Tarot reader, even if you have no previous experience with the Tarot. Once understood, this key secret that is never normally shared will super-charge your progress to unimaginable heights.
  • The One Card Spread
  • The Yes/No Spread
  • ​The Three-Card Spread
  • The Five-Card Spread or "Challenge Spread"
  • The 5-Pointed Star Spread
  • ​The Celtic Cross Spread
  • ​When, Why and How To Use Each Spread
  • Using Intuition & Imagery
  • Mapping Astrology and the Zodiac Signs
  • ​Making The Reading Flow
  • ​LIVE IN-PERSON READINGS - Be In The Room To Be Read!

Monday,  November 22nd

2pm - 6pm
(Eastern Time)

1pm - 3pm
(Central Time)

11am - 1pm
(Pacific Time)

Join The Transformational 4-Week Tarot Masterclass Today
"In This Four Week Course, I Will Be Sharing My Very Best Techniques, The Same Methods I Have Developed Working With This Incredibly Powerful and Ancient Tool."
I’ll show you a straightforward approach to understanding the Tarot that will really resonate with you and for your unique circumstance. I don’t "mess around" or give you any information that you cannot use practically! I work in ‘solutions’ so that you can too!

You will learn how to really understand and connect to yourself, your work, or a client on a deep level so that you can help them gain clarity and overcome their obstacles, or simply master your own.

By the end of the 4-week Masterclass, you will be able to effortlessly give accurate and flowing readings that yield both meaning and inspiration for clients, family an friends who will be "blown away’". 

Those ‘in the know’ gurus and practitioners have been relying on the ancient power of The Tarot for centuries, benefiting from its divine, inspiring, and accurate insights to help navigate an easier path, overcome obstacles and make positive, life-changing decisions. You can too!

My goal is to help YOU first.

If you are a beginner with the Tarot, this course will give you everything you need to learn the cards and be able to give amazing readings.

If you already have experience with the Tarot, then this course is a game-changer. You will sit with a fellow divination practitioner as she shares the Real secrets that simply don’t come from books.

This four-week exclusive program will reveal the world of the Tarot like never before and show you how to harness this practical divination and use it in the modern world. 

You will be able to ask questions and get personal advice on any issues that you have about the Tarot.

You will see Ebony give live readings and then learn from her as she breaks down what she said and why she said it step-by-step.

Just imagine having the ability to find the answers that will help you make the best choices for yourself and others.

What would your life look like if you could start predicting your own future, develop ideas faster, or receive intuitive downloads that launch you forward at the right time and place? You'll not only "notice the signs", you'll begin to hewn your intuition in such a way that you can "predict" with confidence.

That knowledge and advantage could be much closer than you think. And if you could accurately predict what’s next, how would you use that foresight today in the modern world?

What kind of intuitive reader do you really want to be?

Finally, because this information is being shared in a private Facebook group amongst a community of like-minded individuals, you can practice you learn with other members if you wish, and take your skills to even greater heights.

The results are endless...

“My Tarot Masterclass Will Empower You With The Easy Techniques To Effortlessly Deliver Powerful And Insightful Readings, Even If You Have No Previous Experience. I’ll Guide You Using My Own Approach Which Combines Centuries Of Traditional Tarot Practice With My Own Professional Experience, AND How To Use This Gift For Yourself In The Modern World.” 

Want To See How Ebony Reads In Real Time?


Live Training

Join Ebony Wilson for 4-Weeks of live training sessions and don’t forget the Bonus lessons included in this course. You’ll gain access to the hidden world of The Tarot + guided and intuitive teaching. You’ll even be able to ask questions directly to Ebony herself as you learn week by week how to harness this ancient power for yourself.  

Community of Practitioners

You'll automatically become part of a community of like-minded people from across the whole spectrum of Spirituality and Alternative Medicine. And of course, you’ll be able to share your experiences and develop your skills with your peers as your training unfolds. 

Archived Video Training

You'll even have access to all the Facebook Live Training Sessions after they are complete so you can review, replay and revisit at any point. You will have lifetime access to this archive through the Facebook platform.

No Fluff, Actionable Sessions

This is a hands-on, fully demonstrated and explained format where you learn best by seeing, doing, and then unpacking as we move through what really works.

LIVE Readings

Ebony will even be able to do some live readings which will only be available during the live sessions. If you’d like to have the chance to have your cards read by Ebony Wilson, all you have to do is turn up for class each week and you never know what the future has in store for you. 
About Ebony
Ebony is an award winning filmmaker, director, actress and entrepreneur from South Carolina, pursuing Tarot for personal and spiritual development.

"I always sought to understand the depths of human emotion in all areas of life, and relay that experience through creative and intuitive expression. Understanding the human condition is simply the thing I am most curious about, and I hope to help others uncover and understand the emotions and intuitive nudges they know to be valid but often express through confusion and self doubt. I believe if more people know how to properly take accountability for the way they feel and allow themselves to work in tandem with the universe, they can intentionally transform their lives."

Why This Masterclass?

As a creative, I always found it difficult to relay stories in a grounded and practical way. Years of trial and error taught me that I needed to learn how to clear my energy and implement practical systems for success. I work in the film industry, and dedicate my time to helping colleagues, friends and family members solve problems in relationships and business. Having an ancient tool at my fingertips has literally transformed my life in ways I never thought possible. The Tarot has simply become one of the guiding divination tools I use to navigate life and be able to help my clients connect to what they do in an intentional way. I know that by the end of this class you will have an insight and advantage like never before, and be able to apply what you learn to literally any area of life where you need enlightenment and fulfillment. The Tarot not only opens your mind to what you don't "see", it gives you a cutting edge in the real world that helps you to eliminate obstacles and emotional blockages.  And, hey, it doesn't hurt to be able to tell the future every once in a while!
meet the TEACHER behind the COURSE
Ebony Wilson

Want To See How Ebony Reads In Real Time?

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Join The Transformational 4-Week Tarot Masterclass Today
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