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This Exclusive Course & Coaching Bundle Will Show You How To Run Simple Converting Facebook & Instagram Ads


Getting Started With Facebook & Instagram...

Are you ready to make an impact and income creating 
and marketing your own videos on the topics you love?


ONLY $97

Or Just 4 Payments Of $37

You're Going to Learn:
  •  How to position your work! And why you should never waste another dime making your next film project or piece of content without having this secret formula in place.
  •  The ins-and-outs of the most successful marketing campaigns, and how to leverage what's working for big budget films and your competitors at a fraction of the same cost.
  •  How to build an excited audience of your most loyal fans, and turn them into lifetime buyers of your work. The exclusive "how to scale to 10K method"...
  •  The secret sauce to totally eliminating the competition. No more begging your friends and family for support while bugging other indie filmmakers to back your work. Launch your work with clarity using successful campaign formulas.
  •  How to get high-paying clients, and start your own video/film marketing business.
Who Is This Course For?
  •  Filmmakers/Videographers/Content Creators: If you are someone in the film industry, running a YouTube/Vimeo channel, creating a podcast, or trying to grow your social influence on Facebook & Instagram, then this course is designed to show you how to get the growth you need to position and sell your work using organic and paid traffic strategies.
  •  Actors: struggling to be noticed in the industry amid casting directors and fellow artists who are out-booking you simply because they have a larger social media following than you do? Learn what they are doing to position themselves the right way and nurture audiences who care about their talent.
  •  Freelance Marketers: are you working with clients, or do you want to work with clients, running commercial campaigns and charging monthly retainers to deliver your services and get your clients fantastic results? Follow along as I reveal the exact method I use to book clients who keep me as their marketing expert long after creating video content for them.
  •  Coaches/Course Creators: have a product or course of your own that you'd like to sell? Let me break down how I have managed to sell my services and programs directly to my following, and how you can model proven methods to obtain the same results.
Who Is This Course NOT For?
  •  Naysayers: If you are someone who is highly skeptical about marketing yourself online and puts others down for doing so, then you will probably not receive any value from this course.
  •  Get Rich Quick Opportunities: if you are someone who is looking for quick money schemes, then you have come to the wrong place, my friend. We work easily but diligently, and our results pay off.
  •  Non-Action Takers: if you are trying to reap the rewards of others' hard work without taking any measurable action of your own to obtain results, then please DO NOT GET THIS INFORMATION.
About Your Presenter
Ebony is an entrepreneur, committed to her passions of film making as well as helping colleagues and clients build their brands in a vast digital space. She believes the power of authority in any field comes from establishing the credibility of one's brand.

She owns and operates her independent production company, Midnight Crow Productions, and is the founder of the Columbia Film Community network, forwarding over ten years of industry experience.

She's had the privilege of working with numerous filmmakers and clients, who have sought not only her production experience but marketing knowledge. In a nut shell, Ebony knows how to get eyeballs, and ultimately sales, on your work - all from producing her own independent works in addition to running a freelance agency.

Collectively, she's managed literally 1000's of ad campaigns, and has been able to take clients and startups from zero engagement to highly self sustaining platforms.

  •  Ebony is an award winning filmmaker.
  •  She's produced 3 feature length films, with one in distribution.
  •  She is FATC certified in Facebook Marketing
  •  She's never once been to Hollywood, and has no regrets!

I learned most of what I know about marketing on social media the hard way.

Trial and error - and a lot more error than I would like to admit.

I created MTFA Academy to make sure other creators like me in the space don't have to make the same mistakes I did.

I've been where you are - and maybe worse.

Just a few years ago, I completed my first feature length film and spent almost every dollar I had to get it done. The film got some distribution, but I learned quickly that in order to sustain my work in this industry, I was going to have to develop a clean marketing strategy.

I'm technically a nobody in the big scheme of things. I'm not super famous, I'm not a guru - and I've had to work all kinds of jobs just to get by and pursue my passions.

But I've never given up on this dream of being a full time filmmaker...

And I believe I have something to contribute to anyone getting started on this journey by sharing my content and helping others get the same results - if not better - than I have.

Bottom line, I want to impact others and make more money (and more films) while doing so.

I think most of us can relate to that...

Over time, I invested in mentorship and coaching, and learning online advertising

After applying what I learned and finally testing out campaigns of my own, I started to see traction.

I was able to grow the social followings of my projects, drive sales to my work on other platforms, and through it all started working with clients to get them the same results. And it worked!

A few years ago, I had no way of knowing how this simple strategy would completely shift me in a new and profitable direction. But I'm here simply to say:

If I can do it, you can do it. And I can show you how.

Want To Look Over My Shoulder As I Market My Very Own Sci-Fi Thriller for VOD Sales & Views?
Come behind the scenes with me as I uncover the distribution process that has grown my film's following and fan base, while closing online sales. This type of digital marketing is taught...NOWHERE!!!
You'll even get a private screening of the film, just for enrolling!

Six rebel figures take refuge in an abandoned sector against a genetically enhanced superhuman race.

With their leader gone on a supply mission, suspicions arise about his disappearance. A rebel named Jo finds herself battling to maintain authority, not to mention she harbors a dark secret that puts her at odds with the crew. As relationships are tested, the ultimate fight or flight scenario unfolds, as the rebels must decide whether to leave the confines of their abandoned sector or come face to face with the enemy.

Behind The Scenes Look... Full Training Replay Snippets! Get A Head Start Before You Even Enter The Course.

This Exclusive Course & Coaching Bundle Will Show You How To Run Simple Converting Facebook & Instagram Ads


00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
4 Payments, Billed Monthly.
  • Complete Access To Course Materials
  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Secure Checkout
One Time Enrollment Fee - MOST SELECTED.
  • Complete Access To Course Materials
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Secure Checkout
Here's Exactly What's Inside The Course...
The Breakthrough Fundamentals
  • Stage 1: Grasp the fundamentals of Facebook early, so that you never have to second guess how to launch your ads.
  • B.EA.R: Take control of the algorithm, position your ads for the best success, and avoid newbie marketing mistakes.
  • Facebook IQ: Crush the knowledge test, know EXACTLY what kind of audiences you're marketing to.
Crushing Ads Manager
  • Stage 2: Learn the ins-and-outs of Ads Manager so that you know exactly who your target audience is and how to target them by building custom audiences.
  • Spying On Competition: Know EXACTLY what your competitors are targeting for, and ethically hijack their traffic to model to your own ad campaigns.
  • Content is King:  But it doesn't guarantee the success of your ad campaign. Use a proven framework for launching the best video and image ad campaigns across multiple social media channels.
RAPID FIRE Content Creation
  • Stage 3: Know what types of content to create, when to post, and how to turn those visually compelling posts into high performing ads. 
  • Facebook Page Setup: Steps 1, 2, & 3. Create the perfect look and feel for your page.
  •  Video/Image Content Creation: Diving into Photoshop and Adobe Premiere (and smart phone friendly editing software) to create the best visually stunning ads. Don't have Adobe editing tools? Beginner friendly options/templates and training included!
  • Stage 4: Learn how to grow your business or fan page lighting fast!
  • Likes, Comments, Shares: It's not about the numbers, it's about the quality. So learn the hacks of growing your following fast while building the perfect niche audience. Bonus Training, "How To Get Your First 10,000 Facebook Fans In 72 Hours.", included.
  • Engagement: The fundamental step most marketers forget when launching their first ad campaigns. Here's the Rule: The more engagement you have, the more you receive. Learn top industry secrets for creating post engagement and turning your followers into clients & customers.
  • Stage 5: Launch "viral" video campaigns with literally the push of a button. Call Action!
  • Views: Get the most views for your ad spend while targeting your perfect niche audience. Engagement is King!
  • Sales: Learn how to turn those video views into sales by directing traffic to your products and services.
Mastering Tools For Success
  •  Stage 6: Now that you have implemented the framework with the model, it's time call "cut", and dive into post to compile the shots, lay your timeline, and slap on the visual effects. Tools are a must in this game, but tools that pay you commissions are even better!
  •  RECOMMENDED TOOLS: You're not only getting access to my best working strategies and campaigns, I'm going to show you what tools I use to run my business, and how you can get paid commissions just for using them. These tools have created incredible passive income for me in addition to booking and managing client commercial campaigns. They are tools that every professional marketer uses and deems essential. Think of it as Adobe vs. Windows Movie Maker - which software would you choose? 😋
  • Sales & Funnels: No marketing campaign is complete without a sales funnel, which is why I not only show how to map & build them, I give you plug-in access to my best working funnels. After you've gone through the training, you'll literally be able to come out of the gate with a beautiful (and tested) sales funnel, ready to drag and drop!
  •  Stage 7: Take ALL the training you've just indulged in the first 6 modules and let's apply the same strategies to Instagram.
  •  GROWTH: We're going to cover proven ORGANIC and PAID traffic strategies for growing your following on Instagram, hitting your first 10K, and enabling the SWIPE UP feature.
  • Branding & Influence: Learn how to nurture your audience with compelling and engaging content, using long form copy and implementing theme pages and #hashtags.

The strategies you're about to learn have helped me sell my work online in addition to growing my audience from scratch.

Because I literally wanted to make this offer a no-brainer, I've included ALL of this training (which you get lifetime access to) to help you on your marketing journey.

I'm basically giving this away because I 
care THAT much about your success and helping others.

The Struggle is Real for Video/Content Creators...I've Been There!

Your Free .PDF Copy Also Awaits You Inside!

"I wish someone had let me look over their shoulder when I first got started in this industry. Much of what I know had to be self taught, but I now know how to create and sell my work, and that's all I care about.  We are so fortunate to live in this time of social media, yet many of us still have no idea how to leverage the platforms we use daily to give us results. The film industry hasn't been able to officially bridge the gap between the creator and the marketer, which is the fundamental difference to a filmmaker between being able to produce quality content versus being able to sell - and that's the gap I hope to help close for other creators like me in this space."
But here's the best part: my paying students helped me to create and refine the course content.

So my course and marketing kept getting better, and in time I created another course on a different topic. That next course outperformed that one, too.

Finally, people were starting to ask me how I did it.

I explained my video marketing process to a few of my private clients, helped them to try it out... and it worked like rocket fuel for them as well.

Here's What a Handful of My Clients Had to Say...

Jason, Chiropractor...

"I tried to run ads in the past and hired a few "marketers" in the beginning when I created by business page, but wound up doing most of the work myself when they, nor I, got very good results. I questioned whether running ads was even worth it. In one meeting, Ebony shattered every false myth I'd heard about Facebook Advertising - and how I was doing it ALL WRONG! - and that's literally no exaggeration. I've only just started working with her, but the change is already evident and the results are showing. My whole approach to marketing has been flipped."

Michelle, Restaurant Owner...

"Quite simply, Ebony performed a miracle on our page. We started at just over 400 likes (mostly from friends and associates), no engagement to the page, and no customer reviews. We are a restaurant, so food ratings are imperative to us. In less than 60 days, Ebony transformed the visual look and feel of our page, grew our following to over 6500 local fans, increased our audience engagement by 69%, and we now have over 200 5-Star customer ratings and reviews. Our community is responding well to our content, and sales have been steadily increasing. We are still working with Ebony, and hope to continue this exciting growth."

Dean, Filmmaker...

"Ebony managed the marketing campaigns for not just one, but both, of my recently produced feature films. She grew our audience fan base to nearly 5000 in a few short weeks, and helped to secure more than $2,000 in pre-sale tickets in less than 2 weeks before the official premiere - with only $100 in combined total ad spend. My business partner and I were stoked. We will work with her again in a heart beat."
Quite Simply...
I've developed a process that just WORKS, and I've combined everything into one, simple, clean course that will remove all the guess work and shorten the learning curve for other creators trying to take their marketing game to the next level.

So that by the time you are ready to start selling your work, you'll come out of the gate with a proven framework built to get you awesome results.

You'll also learn how to quickly amass and scale the audiences surrounding your work, creating a personal fan base that loves what you do and, more importantly, buys your work. Think of it as your own private distribution list.

You'll finally have access to a community of entrepreneurs who are, right now, gearing up for their next film projects and campaigns because they have more time to simply do what they love without all the guess work and overwhelm.
Module Overview - Sneak Peak...
  •  Audience Growth Training
  •  Webinar Replay Training
  •  Inner Circle Private Facebook Group
  •  Advanced Facebook & Instagram Ads Training - the framework + proprietary split testing methodology and campaign implementation.
  •  Beginner's Affiliate Marketing Training
  •  Rapid Fire Engagement Training
  •  Rapid Fire Video Marketing
  •  Funnel Building & Blueprints + Funnels
  •  Advanced Film Distribution Training
  •  Bonuses and Training - The Tools For Business
  •  Private Theater Room


4 Payments, Billed Monthly.
  • Complete Access To Course Materials
  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Secure Checkout
One Time Enrollment Fee - MOST SELECTED.
  • Complete Access To Course Materials
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Secure Checkout
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