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CFC is Recruiting to Bring the Community's First Independent Film Festival in 2018: ColaFest
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About CFC
Columbia Film Community started as the city's first online social film group, designed to bring local artists together and provide a networking service for entrepreneurs. CFC continues to nurture a supportive group of individuals growing locally, and focuses on bringing production tips, top marketing strategies, and highlighting film success stories from our beautiful city and surrounding areas.
Live Record Room
Coming Soon! CFC will be featuring a "LIVE" news room to the public for exclusive webinar launches, community updates, private member training, marketing tips and strategies, and interviews with film industry leaders and experts.
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Meet The Filmmakers
Are you an actor/filmmaker in our space with a compelling tale? Well then, we want to get to know you and feature you in our ColaVlog Series. Click through to get started!
Tune In To Our Vlog
CFC will soon launch its first vlog series, highlighting our community's influencers.
"Don't work. Film!"
- Ebony Wilson
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